Ravenwood is a town in the south of the World. It will also be your base, where you can safely trade with players and Npcs. No monsters will attack the town as of 0.4.7.


There are houses in Ravenwood. There is also a Runestone, near to the middle of the town. It will regenerate your health(if damaged) if you go near it. There is an inn, a blacksmith house and many more. For more detailed information see the "Npcs" and "Notable Features" section below.

Notable Features

  • A runestone stands near the middle of the town. It heals players when they are near it, by one full heart each time
  • There is a bank south of the runestone. You can store your items and coins in it. It have 10 slots.
  • There are 11 houses in Ravenwood(not including the bank)
  • Ravenwood doesn't seem to have a leader/chief/mayor
  • The runestone seems to protect Ravenwood from harm
  • The rat basement house

    Despite Ironbane is dangerous, with the protection of the runestone, the villagers are not scared
  • You can access to Ravenwood by typing /stuck and enter in the chat
  • There are two zeppelins which travels from the ramp you get teleported to after you finished the tutorial  to Ravenwood
  • There is a portal in a house which teleports you to the Rat Basement when enter. Do not enter that portal as the Rat Basement is very dangerous without good gear


There are a lot of friendly Npcs in Ravenwood. Below is a list:

Non-merchant Npcs

  • Civilians
  • Friendly Snowmen(Christmas event only)
  • Big Friendly Snowmen(Christmas event only)

Merchant Npcs

  • Arnold T. Blunt
  • Benard
  • William the Blacksmith
  • Priest
  • Vendor
  • Happy Christmas Vendor(Christmas event only)
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