Ironbane Wiki

Old Bow
Item #?
Damage full
Delay 1.25 Second(s)
Base Value 5 x Coin medium full.png
Projectile Arrow
Type Weapon
Subtype Bow
Range Very Long

Old Bow is a starter bow, probably in the "dull" tier. It can be found as a reward for parkour in the tutorial . It will probably be the first bow the player will get in game, but it is also the worst.

Although its damage is low compared to other "dull" items, it is useful in long range attacks, therefore you may even use it to kill the Bandit Leader.

Ways to obtain

  • 10% drop from a bowman
  • 25% drop from a purple slime
  • Found in a chest in the tutorial as a reward doing parkour
  • From a player


  • Pre Alpha: Added to the game
  • v 0.4.3: Damage reduced from 1 heart to 0.5 hearts
  • This bow sells for 5 coins, and is easy to get, making it valuable for simple coin farming