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Green slimes

Monsters are is a type of Npc, they are your main enemies in game. They can be found mostly all over the world. They are aggressive to players, and will attack when you are in their attack radius. They will deal damage to players, and will follow their respective AI. They may drop loot when killed.

There are also "special" monsters that are stronger than other monsters, called bosses. For more information, see the "Bosses" section below.

Types of monsters

There are many monsters in Ironbane, but they can be divided into a few types.

  • Slimes
  • Undead
  • Human
  • Others

Slimes are the most common enemy found in Ironbane; and the easiest. Green Slimes will probably be your first challenge in the world; while you'll need to kill some purple slimes to get your first bow.

The Undead means zombies, skeletons or ghosts. They have a harder difficulty, you might want to sharpen your weapons before you touch them.

Human enemies are pretty uncommon, they may vary from bandits to vampires; their strength is moderate.

Others is a special enemy type. Rats, slime turrets, fireball turrets and much more are in this category.


Bosses, as mentioned above, are stronger enemies that require tactics or teamwork to fight(You can fight a boss solo, but it will be hard if you don't have good gear).

List of bosses

Player fighting the Alabaster King

Note: This list is not offical, and may lose out some bosses. This list is only used for reference.

Note: For the names which have a (M) next to them, those are considered mini-bosses. They lay between the boundaries of normal monsters and bosses.

Note: For the names which have a (Rem) next to them, those are bosses which were removed from or not yet added into the map. The reason I still put them here is because they are in game, probably will be open to players once more.

  • Alabaster King
  • Bandit Leader
  • Craw
  • Flake Frostbite(Chirstmas event only)
  • Growl
  • King Crudley
  • Jack o Lantern(Halloween event only)(Rem)
  • Rat Boss(M)
  • Restless Ghost(M)(Rem)
  • Sapphire Ghost(M)
  • Sapphire Golem
  • Sapphire Slime(M)
  • Shadow Zombie(Rem)
  • Shai
  • Snuffles, the Destructor
  • Specter(Rem)
  • Tink the Broodmother
  • Ugarth the Ugly(Rem)
  • Viking Slime Boss(Rem)