Dull Sword
Item 1, Image 14
Damage full
Delay 1 Second(s)
Base Value 0 x Coin medium full.png
Projectile No projectile
Type Weapon
Subtype Sword
Range Short

Dull Sword is the starter weapon in game, which you can get in the tutorial from a chest. It is one of the weapons in the "dull" tier, along with the Dull Axe and the Dull Dagger . A dull sword is needed to kill the rats in the rat room in the tutorial, and lead you to more gameplay. It has no value, and you cannot sell it to a Npc.

Ways to obtain

  • Tutorial Chest
  • Npc at the top of the spawn mountain
  • 10% drop from a green slime
  • 25% drop from a demon bunny


  • Pre Alpha: Added to the game
  • v 0.2: Damage reduced from 2 hearts to 0.5 hearts
  • v. 0.4.6: Damage increased to 1 heart
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