55.png Dull Dagger is one of the weapons in the "dull" tier, along with the Dull Sword and the Dull Axe . It is harder to get than the others. It is also the cheapest "dull" weapon that can be sold to an Npc. Players usaully find this dagger rather useless because of its low DPS(Damage per second).

This is also one of the three daggers in game, the others are the Thiefdagger and the Shadow Dagger .



0.5 hearts


0.75 seconds



Sell Value

1 coin

Ways to obtain

  • 15% drop from a ghost
  • 40% drop from the Bandit Leader
  • 5% drop from a goblin
  • From the chest in the goblin cave


  • Pre Alpha: Added to the game
  • v 0.2-0.4: Stats changed
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