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Dull Axe
Item #?
Damage fullfull
Delay 1.5 Second(s)
Base Value 4 x Coin medium full.png
Projectile No projectile
Type Weapon
Subtype Axe
Range Medium

Dull Axe is one of the weapons in the "dull" tier, along with the Dull Sword and the Dull Dagger . Unlike the Dull Sword, you cannot get it in the tutorial; it drops from monsters instead. You can sell it for 2 coins.

Ways to obtain

  • 5% drop from a green slime
  • 5% drop from a viking slime
  • 15% drop from a demon bunny
  • 25% drop from the Bandit Leader


  • Pre Alpha: Added to the game
  • v 0.2-0.4: Stats changed