Item 24, Image 31
Damage fullfull
Delay 0.75 Second(s)
Base Value 12 x Coin medium full.png
Projectile No projectile
Type Weapon
Subtype Sword
Range Short

Claymore is a sword with slightly more damage than the Dull Sword and faster firing speed. It will probably be the second sword players will get in game.

Claymores are more expensive than the Old Bow, but harder to get.

Ways to obtain

  • 1% drop from a green slime
  • 15% drop from a demon bunny
  • Purchase it from Leslie in Leslie's Plaice


  • Pre Alpha: Added to the game
  • v 0.4.1 Damage reduced from 2 hearts to 1.5 hearts; speed reduced
  • The claymore was slower with higher damage in older updates
  • The claymore's speed is the same as the Dull Dagger, making the dull dagger even more worthless in gameplay
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